About the Author

Hi, I’m a Certified Public Accountant, I have been working with people like you for over 15 years in public practice. Although I am a professional accountant I’ve spent a lot of my life struggling with my personal finances, some self imposed and some due to life circumstances. None of us are born with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the path to financial success. We are not taught personal finance in school, nobody provides us with on the job personal finance training in our 20’s and we enter the middle stage of our life shameful of what we don’t know. Often afraid that we’ve done irreparable harm, the mountain feels too big to climb. With nowhere to turn a lot of people hide from the pain and never get ahead, often living a life of quiet desperation cut short by stress due to their mounting financial nightmare.

Entering my 30’s I was in the same boat, I worked hard putting myself through college after a stint in the military, I achieved a professional career, then I studied and worked for years to earn my CPA license. But, I still had a lot of anxiety about my personal finances, contrary to my professional credentials adding even more stress. During this time I spent more than I made, and fell further behind each year. Until one day I decided to take what I learned in school and during my career to transform my finances. Although I’ve had some personal setbacks over the past decade as we all do, since I developed the tools and knowledge that I hope to share with you, I’ve always had a roadmap to follow. Over the past decade I’ve taken a somewhat meager income and transformed my life into one of abundance and continue to do so.

Now, I want to help you to create abundance in your life. I will admit that the tools and concepts that I will introduce you are not for everyone. There is a percentage of the population that no matter how hard they work they don’t earn enough to cover basic living expenses. However, a much larger portion of the population earns plenty but they’ve lost touch with the ability to live within their means.

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Thank you!