Three Apps to Help You Save Time and Money!

Just a few apps that I use on a regular basis that I can’t live with out. It makes me wonder how I lived most of my life in a world without smartphones, I swear it was possible however barbaric it was…

ibotta – in my opinion the best mobil coupon app around. I use ibotta every time I shop, this one’s a no brainer. Download the app, sign up and before you go shopping add Ibotta-apprebates to your account. When you’re done take a picture of your receipt to redeem your rebates. You can have your money deposited into a Paypal account or receive gift cards. Quick, mildly fun and easy, don’t pass up free money.

AnyList – This is another app that I can’t live without after using it. AnyList is the most intuitive and simple way of keeping a grocery list that I’ve found. Add recipes, weekly meal plans that automatically update your shopping list etc. There are a lot of neat features to help save you time and money. Most importantly for me, no more multiple trips to the grocery store, the gas saved is a bonus!!

Acorns – Another easy and useful app. As it says on the website all that you do is connect your credit card, spend as normal and the app automatically rounds your purchases up to the next dollar to invests the difference. I’ve used this one for a little while and it’s interesting how fast it adds up. I don’t think you’re going to become rich using the app, but it might help painlessly pay for a vacation here and there.

I’m always interested in discovering new fun tips for making and saving additional money, If you have any good ideas of your own please let me know what you have in the comments section. Happy deal hunting!

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