Your finances are a mess, now what?

Have you dug yourself into a financial hole? Is it so uncomfortable to think about your finances that you’ve decided to hide from the problem rather than deal with it? You have something in common with our friend the ostrich.. In the next series of posts we will create an easy to use budgeting tool that will help you start building a brighter financial future. This entire series can be accessed on the right toolbar under the budgeting category.

Whether you believe it or not your financial problems do have a solution! However, as long as you keep your head stuck in the sand, your future is slipping away? I’ve worked as a Certified Public Accountant for the past fifteen years. I’ve helped people from all walks of life pull their heads out of… Ummm… The sand. As I said this is a problem with a solution, but it takes work. Which, if you’re willing we will do over the next few posts and beyond, will change your life.

However, before you can hope to PERMANENTLY extract yourself from your financial hole, you likely have a few mental hurdles to overcome. I’m not going to patronize you by telling you that your financial problems are all in your head. But some probably are. A lot of people have long held negative associations with money. You can’t ignore the fact that this creates a huge barrier to any future financial success. I’ll tell you in a future post that to hurdle the barrier you have to FACE IT. This may go far beyond building a budget or working through financial decisions. It may require some serious self reflection. As a financial professional I’m more than willing to admit that mental health is NOT my area of expertise. So, I refer you to a couple interesting references that I’ve read over the years which I think are valuable.

How to Squash Negative Thought Patterns – Steve Pavlina’s an expert in conscious growth and changing negative thought patterns. I’ve read his blog for years, very practical stuff.

The 10 Most Limiting Beliefs About Money – Myrkothum, I ran across this a little while back, it’s a good action based approach to overcoming some negative associations.

Please continue the process of creating a budget by reading through ALL of the the entries included in the budgeting category on the right toolbar.

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